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Last Updated on Thursday, 24 October 2013 11:37

What's a Testimonial?

The Testimonial represents a client's thoughts regarding their experience working with Kyle Russell / KRucial Reggae.

Usually, we feature only Client's statements, and that's important. But it's also good to get a sense (from the inside) of what some of the people working on stage with KRucial Reggae, make of it and Kyle Russell. Here are 3 recent quotes for your review...
"I'm not just blowing smoke but I honestly can't think of anyone else who works as hard as you do to bring GOOD reggae to this town! and for so many years!  So from me personally I thank you for what you do. One Love."
"I did get the "job well done" email. I read the whole thing. I really appreciated the insight into all the hard work you put into your job.  Its truly massive! I think its good you sent that email out to keep us all informed on what it takes to make a night like friday night happen. Its amazing."
"I understand and appreciate the effort you put in, and it is great for you to spell it out for people because even I, who has done much of this (minus rehearsal space and musical arrangement/coordination) can take it for granted when we are not the ones personally doing it. Thank you for all that you have and continue to put into this. I am very grateful to be a part of it."
CLIENT TESTIMONIAL #8 (October, 2012):
About a year ago, I found out about Kyle Russell's KRucial Reggae PR services. We began working together on one of his Programs. I enjoyed the Foundation Builder process, and wanted to pursue the promotional aspects of his services in an ongoing way.
To date, I've been in several of his newsletters - I noticed my iTunes sales jump the very first transmission - and I'm all ears when he sends me one of his MVP (most valuable player) emails.
I appreciate Kyle's eye towards professional presentation. He's definitely a standout in the industry. Kyle's got excellent editing skills, too.
One of my favorite things about working with Kyle is that he's proactive - he keeps in touch with me even when I lose touch with him - and he's really dedicated to supporting Artists in whichever way he's able to.
Brendan Dane, Alific (recording artist & producer, Washington, D.C.)
CLIENT TESTIMONIAL 7 (August, 2012):
In the Entertainment Industry, it's not easy sifting through PR companies for the right fit; it's and even harder doing it from another country. Over the past 3 years, I've reached out to a number of boutique and larger PR companies hoping to connect with someone who is knowledgeable, respected in their craft, but still grounded enough to 'get it.' 

I was very lucky to discover KRucial Reggae. This company excels at delivering timely results through hands-on customer service. KRucialReggae set the tone of our relationship from the very beginning - from my first online 
inquiry. Kyle Russell, President of KRucial Reggae, responded immediately to my inquiry, and after a few email exchanges, we arranged for a telephone conversation. I know this should be basic, but unfortunately, it's not. 

After several conversations, Kyle has quickly become an integral part of our team.
He efficiently analyzed our needs, and transformed them into successful campaigns. Kyle listens closely to what is important to us and responses thoughtfully. He offers balanced advice, and does not hesitate to hold you to your goals! He actively participates in our vision and pushes us to deliver what we want for ourselves.

Kyle is transparently honest and makes himself available to us, both of which are super-important to me. I know he cares because he is 100% present in working with us. Having KRucial Reggae on my team makes my job easier and our goals achievable. I enjoy working with Kyle; I value his opinions and am blown away by his ability to not only capture precisely what I want, but to also show me how to get there. 

I am very excited about our relationship and happily recommend him to anyone who values true partnership.
- Charmaine Bourbon, Artist Management, the Illest Band (Bahamas)
CLIENT TESTIMONIAL 6 (August, 2012):
...in response to the question (put to a freshly signed client) about what made them want to work with us.
Titus Whittle recalls contacting you about your services in December of 2011, in regards to promotion and boosting up his music career. At that time you responded and gave Titus the draft of your charges. Titus had limited financial availability at that time and he was also very reluctant, since there are so many people out there who promise to deliver and they fail to. However 6 weeks ago Titus put in a management team, and working with the Manager, an issue of bringing in a person/company to help with promotion, and boosting up his career was brought to the table. At that meeting, it was decided to check you out, as Titus had approached you in the past. We HGH contacted you and you responded in a timely manner. We looked at your testimonials and realized that some upcoming artists are doing well and they have used your services, hence the decision to work with you was reached.
- Winnie Chawira, management for the Artist Kingly T
We're barely 2 weeks into working with Kyle Russell & KRucial Reggae / ReggaePR promotions, and we had to take a pause and write this Recommendation. Kyle had been 'courting' us for months, keeping in touch even when we were too busy to. We came on board with his Foundation Builder program, as well as through his Promotion & Booking add-ons. Already his advice is on its way to more than covering his retainer fees. 

At his suggestion, I got 2 Festivals to up their offers meaningfully, he brought in 3 new Festivals to the running (and a very good Agent contact as well). We have the makings of our summer tour - 5 months away - already looking solid. 

Kyle is helping us formulate our Marketing Strategy, add precision to our Press Releases, and has already coordinated our outreach to contact many more members of the listening & talent buying public (than we've been in touch with previously). 

I like that I can reach Kyle just about any time - he makes himself available to really discuss the issues - we even had him chime in on our Logo / Merchandising plans. His email responses are thorough and detail oriented. 

As a Manager, I'm grateful to finally have some support from someone who knows what I'm up against, and has been through many of the pitfalls I'm trying to avoid. 

Bottom line: I'd be happy to recommend Kyle Russell to any Artist working hard to make things happen. 

KRucial Reggae / ReggaePR provides several of the missing links to getting on top of our efforts to make our "Little Bit of Love" (project) shine that much brighter!

- Royal Management: Amanda
(with/for the Artist: Junior Toots)

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL 4 (February, 2012):

I contacted Kyle Russell (KRucial Reggae) through his website. At first I was cautious about sharing my links, I wanted to find out more. Russell was quick to Reply to my emails and questions. I did share some of my links: a video site (not YouTube), Jango, and maybe one more. Kyle immediately recognized that my web presence was not coordinated, and that I could benefit from consolidating it. He also suggested a Promotional Program. I decided first to buy a blurb in his regional newsletter, which I liked the looks of. Then he offered to build what he calls an "Artist Calling Card" or promotional web page (that I can forward to others). He did a great job! He went the extra mile to research links I hadn't even provided him (like my album on iTunes, getting a video still from my song on YouTube, and even referencing the site where my painting artwork is hosted!). I'm looking forward to exploring new horizons with Kyle's support.

- JJ Appleby, UK Reggae Artist


CLIENT TESTIMONIAL 3 (January, 2012):

I have been working with Kyle Russell for about a year and a half now and I must say that Kyle has been instrumental in keeping me in the public eye during a time period where my work as an Artist would have otherwise all been pretty much just "behind the scenes" (planning, recording, designing, mixing and mastering). I have been making music and performing professionally for years, but Kyle has provided insight on how to greatly increase the return on my investment of both time and energy in ways that might have taken me priceless years to figure out on my own. Compared to Kyle's vision, my approach as to how to push something would have been little more than a "shot in the dark" marketing plan, and seeing how much I've put into perfecting everything combined with how fast-paced the music industry, and even the world has become, a flopped project is not something that I can afford to have in the next chapter of my career. I feel very fortunate to have linked up with Kyle Russell and would gladly co-sign him in any venture he sees himself fit to undertake, thanks to both his integrity and ever-present professionalism.

- ASN, Hip Hop/Reggae Artist



I must say that Kyle Russell is a man whose words are worth their weight in gold. A lot of factors go into creating a successful road act, and I sincerely believe that what you have in Reggae PR is legit and worth paying close attention to. I have so far been enjoying the relationship that I have with KRucial Reggae as Project Managers and very much looking forward to the chance to put it all on the road eventually.

- Charleston Okafor, African Reggae/World Crossover Artist



"Keep on doing what you a do, Kyle - nobody no do what you a do!"

- Shaka Black, dynamite singjay, based in the UK

OLDER TESTIMONITALS being made available soon...

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