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Our passion is applying our resources & experience, for the benefit of Artists & Reggae lovers everywhere.


- General Listeners & Industry members who want to improve their musical experience.                                                                                 

- Artists & Bands working in the studio, fine tuning their craft, and trying to get themselves out there.                                                                  

- Performers & Presenters (from PlayersBrands, Promoters & Festival Producers) who have enjoyed success, but just don't have enough hours in the day to fulfill their vision (and want help).

All these folks have in common the dream of greater Unity & Cooperation. They appreciate the value of Teamwork in getting things done.

They're striving for better, not looking for handouts, and recognize that they are ultimately responsible for their own success.


Founder & CEO Kyle Russell began as a listener, became a player, and created the award-winning Dub Station band. The group has traveled the U.S. & internationally (including Jamaica!), backing literally hundreds of acts. From early in the game, Russell began booking & developing talent, songwriting with band mates and releaseing a handful of CD's over the course of the years. Airplay was garnered at hundreds of stations, and the positive feedback includes coverage in the Press, from Billboard to the Boston Globe.

Formalizing his efforts under the umbrella of KRucial Reggae, Russell has assembled a team of staff and third party professionals that have given him a reputation as a "get things done" kind of guy. On the Board of RAW for 6 years, Kyle hosted the (10th Anniversary) Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide Conference, as well as KRucial Fest - booked hundreds of Artistsa for a combined total of 18 years (through two weekend venues) - and organized various tours for emerging & established talent, criss-crossing the U.S. (and traveling internationally).

KRucial Reggae - along with Reggae4i & ReggaePR are a consortium of industry brands (now including BigUp Radio), which have become fixtures in the genre. Our roster of supported Artists, as well as Label & professional clients is growing, and with good reason. We savor collaborations...how can we help YOU (as a fan, promoter, brand or musician) deepen (or expand) how you manage (and share) your Reggae experience?




A) I was Board Member & Executive Director of Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide. I have met, know personally, or am known to (and in contact with) a number of key players in the industry, from label owners & Artists, to major web sites & Radio.

B) I organized the first ever All-Digital Reggae & World Music contest through AirPlay Direct (which now hosts 30,000 Artists & 7,000 Radio Stations).

C) I've been to various music conferences, including MIDEM in France, several NACA conferences (National Association of Campus Activities), public events and Expos AND I've been in negotiation for contracts with labels, including Studio One & VP Records.

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A) Band/Musician: as bass player & founder/band leader, my band Dub Station has won a handful of awards, and personally backed many great artists, from Pat Kelly (Queen Majesty) to Junior Kelly ("Love So Nice"), Lady Saw to Frankie Paul, Mikey Dread & Shinehead (and more).
B) Production: I’ve written hundreds of rhythms, worked with dozens of artist in the studio, own a recording studio, and have production credits on about 10 albums.
C) Touring: I've personally toured the U.S. twice, including Hawaii, the entire West Coast, New England, key points in the mid-West, Texas and South Carolina, and internationally, including Canada, and Kingston, Jamaica (National Arena).

A) I’ve placed Artists at Festivals (this list is partial) ranging from the Monterey Bay Reggae Fest (California) & Island Fest (MI), to the VT Fest (and RiseUp) Fests, Ithaca Fest (NY), two Festivals in Canada (Montreal & Calgary), and even the Sumfest (JA).

B) I created & hosted a Reggae Music Conference (for the 10th year Anniversary of Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide).
C) I created & hosted the KRucial Reggae Festival (3 nights, 3 clubs, featuring - among others - Ras Michael & the Sons of Negus (in his first East Coast appearance in a dozen years), as well as Midnite...some of the original, newest, and greatest talent in the biz.

A) I've booked legendary artists (including the Itals, Meditations, Everton Blender, Prezident Brown) back and forth across the U.S. on numerous tours.

B) I've hosted (ie. put shows together, brought to town, and promoted) many of the greatest legends: Mighty Diamonds, Michael Rose, UK's Blood & Fire label (feat. Dillinger), Culture, the Skatalites (and many more).

C) I have a combined record of 18 years booking weekends in a Caribbean & high profile club (on nationally recognized streets): Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (and featuring  dozens of US-based bands & artists.

A) I have one of the largest independently controlled industry databases, with accurate contact information on over 20,000 individuals.
B) I've issued hundreds of custom built newsletters to category-specific audiences, including Artists, Festivals, Europe, Radio/Dj's, and the entire Global Market.
C) I've mounted numerous press campaigns, securing coverage in regional & international publications, the Boston Globe to Billboard.


A) I've garnered radio play on hundreds of stations across the U.S. and overseas.
B) I've worked with chart-seeking radio promotion companies & several publicists.
C) I've worked (post facto) with at least 2 Artists who've had #1 hits on the Jamaican charts (Abijah with his "Revelation" more recently, and Shalom & his "I've Got News for You" earlier)...I'm sure several more of the artists I’ve worked with (Everton Blender, etc.) have charted Top Ten as well.


A) Retail: I've owned two stores in key retail areas, specializing in Reggae & World Music & culture (as well as International clothing, jewelry, and African Art).

B) Publishing: I founded the Reggae & World Music magazine Rhythm Music, which  went color, glossy & international (and had cover stories on Buju Banton, Beenie Man, and Luciano, among others).
C) Social Networking: I have a Blog, Facebook Profiles (including one with 2900+ Friends), Fan Pages (with another 3000+ Likes), MySpace, 3 Twitter accounts, Linkedin, and my own web site(s), all of which I have strategies in development.

Supporting/Pertinent Links
Artists actually Backed:
http://reggae4i.com/j15/artists/acts-backed...see the Artists drop-down, Home Page Top Navigation Buttons for Artists Supported, Produced, Promoted, etc...

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